Welcome to The Masturbation Club

Welcome to The Masturbation Club where guys, girls, couples, and groups all get together and masturbate. Some like to watch. Some like to be watched. Most of us like to do both.

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The Masturbation Club - Female Maturbation
Welcome - We're glad you're here. And why not, you're well qualified. Seriously, we're here to make your masturbation more fun and who knows, you might even do it more often, imagine that.

Look around, you might find new ideas, toys, and even masturbation friends. Welcome.
Welcome to The Masturbation Club

Virtual World – Our Virtual World is not a game, you don’t earn points. Here you interact with other live members for your mutual pleasure. You control your avatar and it may be customized to your personal tastes then used to have virtual sex with other members. Watch, be watched, or join in and interact. Whatever your fantasy desires can safely happen here.

Our avatars are all anatomically correct and the sexual activity is detailed and animated. So get ready to have the time of your life in this out-ot-this-world Virtual World experience.

Visit The Masturbation Club Virtual World and have a real safe and very satisfying experience.

Webcams - At The Masturbation Club, we work with multiple webcam systems to give you the best masturbation experience. Try them out and see if you have a favorite or if, like us, you love them all.
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Pictures - A picture can be worth, well a lot. A good one can make you happy over and over again. And we have lots to look at.

Videos– Everyone loves to watch a sexy video. Videos of people masturbating are fun to watch. But there are many other subjects that get us excited. We have multiple ways for you to enjoy the action. DVDsour free video tube and our premium VOD streaming service.

Masturbation Stories help us remember our favorite moments. They also take us deeply into our desires and fantasies. Read Masturbation Stories or post one of your own.

Sex Toys - A good masturbation toy helps make life more fun. That means you too can improve your masturbation even after all that practice you've had. Get ready to grab a new toy and masturbate
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Extras – We have gone wandering around the Internet and found many sexy things. Some of our favorites are here. They include sexy people, artistic nudes, games, cartoons, virtual reality, celebrity sex and well, see for yourself in our extras page.

The Masturbation Club CartoonsCartoons - Oh, our Cartoons are definitely for adults. These cartoons are fun and sexy and get you ready for masturbation fun. See for yourself. Cartoons

Celebrity Sex – Yes it may be a guilty pleasure but watching our favorite stars getting naked and naughty is always a good reason to masturbate. Check out our Celebrity Sex page. And staying informed doesn’t have to mean there’s a cover-up, not when you enjoy Naked News

The Masturbation Club Games Games - Our Games take you to a world of fun and fantasy and are guaranteed to give you a happy ending. Games

Nude Art – The nude body is not only sexy it is beautiful. It is art. We bellieve in supporting and enjoying art to the fullest. See some beautiful Nude Art here.

Sexy People When it comes to masturbation we belive the more the better. The more people that is and we have found lots of sexy people who love to share their sexy side. And speaking of more, who has more fun than swingers? Myabe you should join in the fun.

Virtual RealityVirtual Reality is one of the newest and hottest ways to watch videos. You get to immerse yourself in an experience that is even better than 3D films you may have had the chance to watch in the past. VR videos are 3D computer crafted pieces of material that you can not only explore, but also interact with. Don’t just watch anymore, be a part of the action!